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Allies are just insane...

5 Reasons why Allies are awesome!

1) Flavorful text! I think that itself gives them a credit.

2) Tribal supported by 5 colors! The only few tribes that supports the 5 colors of MTG. In fact, the deck is more flavorful if all 5 colors are added!

3) Poweful ETB triggers and synergy! Most allies have effects that trigger at ETB, affecting other allies to pump them, boost them with other abilities or wreck havoc altogether. In fact, this automatically synergizes the deck perfectly if you are able to flash in allies or blink them to trigger more ETBs!

4) Relatively cheap mana: ability ratio cost. Some allies are actually very efficient in terms of their mana cost to their ability. Like Kazandu Blademaster , A clean ETB will alr see him as a 2/2, Vigli, First Striker. Or Jwari Shapeshifter ; She is the Phantasmal Image of allies. Also note worthy cards are: Bala Ged Thief , Hagra Diabolist , Harabaz Druid and of course, the sick Kabira Evangel .

5) Relatively cheap deck to build with strong offense/defense. The deck is also relatively flexible with its strategies; able to go aggro, control and midrange as suited. As such, it's versatility is unmatched, but at the same time, open to a lot of weakness.

This deck packs more than just a tribal build. As most people are killing off Allies the moment they see them, it can be hard to play. But, if we add a small twist to the deck, the potency of the deck will be much greater!

The Deck can be piloted in 2 ways; an aggro-style or a combo style which is preferred. It's quite consistent in putting off a t4- t5 reanimator, hitting a near-infinite mill is possible on that turn, rendering them a game loss on the opponent's next draw step. There are other combos in there which can go off easily, like Hagra Diabolist /Halimar Excavator + Ghostway combo.


Reworked mainboard — April 18, 2014

Reworked mainboard. Added Summoning Trap + Angel of Glory's Rise as an alternative combo trigger in the event that my casting creature got countered. Now, more tuning to go!

Allies + Reanimator — Jan. 1, 2014

Reworked the deck into Re-animator Allies with a fastland base with 1x city of brass] and 1x Cavern of Souls . It can go offensive with the traditional beatdown or twist itself into a powerful re-animator deck.

Major deck revamp — Dec. 5, 2012

Just revamped the decklist for a better play. I've removed and added some stuff to try out and prototype testing shows generally positive play. I'm pretty keen to test this with my other decks and see it's strengths

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