Allies are just insane...

3 Reasons why Allies are awesome!

1) Poweful ETB triggers and synergy! Most allies have effects that trigger at ETB, affecting other allies to pump them, boost them with other abilities or wreck havoc altogether. In fact, this automatically synergizes the deck perfectly if you are able to flash in allies or blink them to trigger more ETBs!

2) Relatively cheap mana: ability ratio cost. Some allies are actually very efficient in terms of their mana cost to their ability. Like Kazandu Blademaster; ETB will already see him as a 2/2, Vigliance with First Strike. Or Jwari Shapeshifter; She is the Phantasmal Image of allies. Also note worthy cards are: Bala Ged Thief, Hagra Diabolist, Harabaz Druid and of course, the sick Kabira Evangel.

3) Relatively cheap deck to build with strong offense/defense. The deck is also relatively flexible with its strategies; able to go aggro, control and midrange as suited. As such, it's versatility is unmatched, but at the same time, open to a lot of weakness.

This deck packs more than just a tribal build. As most people are killing off Allies the moment they see them, it can be hard to play. But, if we add a small twist to the deck, the potency of the deck will be much greater! By adding the reanimation option, it is possible to draw a win-con by hitting a insta-win mill is possible on that turn, rendering them a game loss on the opponent's next draw step.

Strategy & Tips Dig the library with Faithless Looting, Taigam's Scheming and Izzet Charm for Angel of Glory's Rise and Unburial Rites / Zombify. Fill the graveyard with Ally (Human) cards, especially Halimar Excavator; he is your main win con. Pull out the combo by reanimating Angel of Glory's Rise. Once resolved, return all humans back onto the battlefield. Resolve the triggers and your opponents can basically mill out the whole library.

Gifts Ungiven is the last resort used to activate your combo: (Angel of Glory's Rise + Unburial Rites) or fill your graveyard if needed. The former is preferred though. 4 pieces is not needed as this isn't a control deck. Its primary aim is to mill out the opponent asap.

In the case of graveyard hate on board and you can't get rid of it, Direct the milling to the opponent and just keep the pressure on. Sideboard-ed cards would include answers to their hates like enchantment removal, Pithing Needle, etc. You have to time the answers right to get make sure the damage to you done is as little as possible.

In the case of heavy counter meta, consider Summoning Trap into the 75 as a replacement. This card can dig deep into the deck (7 cards to be exact) and you definitely can find a treasure you want. Ideally you would want Angel of Glory's Rise as you basically cast her for free and basically just activates your combo.If anything else, she is already a 4/6 flyer. In early games without removal she can easily take games in left unanswered.

Path to Exile is NOT meant as an offensive removal. It's a strong removal, but not to be used on first sight unless the threat is absolute lethal or possess an unfair balance to the board presence.


Sideboarding will be a lot of use and it really matters whether we will win the game or not. This deck is slightly flexible, in the sense that it can play out as a combo deck, or simply head straight into a beatdown plan. As such, work out a balance between hates and protection of your combo.


Gameplay on 25/10/2014 — Oct. 30, 2014

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Gameplay on 21 & 22/10/2014 — Oct. 24, 2014

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Gameplay on 14/10/2014 — Oct. 14, 2014

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Gameplay on 19/8/2014 — Aug. 19, 2014

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Gameplay on 14/8/2014 — Aug. 16, 2014

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SB works 3 — Aug. 5, 2014

2x Choke

  • stops U/X control decks or any decks that heavily relies on islands.
  • 1x Creeping Corrosion

  • Artifact Hate
  • 2x Engineered Explosives

  • Removes tokens, Elves, goblins, etc. Any deck with very high count on a single cmc will be easily affected.
  • 2x Kitchen Finks

  • hoses RDW, stalls aggro.
  • 1x Pithing Needle

  • General Hoser against many cards.
  • 2x Rakdos Charm

  • Good utility spell. Removes Artifacts, graveyards and mass creatures will be a deadweight rather than an advantage
  • 1x Sowing Salt

  • Removes any "special" lands.
  • 2x Spellskite

  • Spells redirected to him can really remove threats
  • 2x Stony Silence

  • Removes Artifacts' abilities, slows down decks relying on artifacts.

  • SB works 2 — June 29, 2014

    Overhaul the Sideboard for a more tenacious plan.

    Out :

    Sideboarded in:

    • 3x Auriok Champion: Hose RDW, survives Anger of the Gods, Abrupt Decay, Doom Blade and even Dismember. Extremely versatile with its ability.

    • 1x Dispel: A standby counter against any instant hate. I may replace this with other cards; Maybe another Thoughtseize

    • 2x Pithing Needle: Stops Twin, Pod, planeswalkers, man-lands. Yay me!

    • 2x Thoughtseize: Anti-Anti hate, but a better version of duress. If this goes to 3x Thoughtsize, I may replace it to be 2x Duress, 1x Thoughtseize

    • 1x Rest in Peace: Used properly can make the combo strategy even more potent. Drop this guy down and direct the mill to them immediately. This means removal of my draw-drop engines may slow the combo, but usually this is against control decks with Snapcaster Mage. I can play slower, but can they survive without their Snapcaster Mage?

    • 3x Stony Silence: Hate against TRON, Affinity, Pod, 8-Rack. Extremely versatile hate

    • 3x Wear / Tear: More hate against artifacts/enchantments. Removal of Twin, Pod, or just about any Leylines.

    Sideboard help — June 26, 2014

    As said. I need sideboard help against graveyard hate and Anger of the Gods. Basically anything or any ideas to protect my combo will be grateful thanks!

    Current Sideboard:

    1x Abrupt Decay: General Removal against any cmc 3 permanents.

    1x Dispel: Counterspell against any instants that threatens my combo. More for against control decks or hate cards

    3x Duress: main anti-hate cards. If possible, pick off the Rest in Peace or Anger of the Gods. I may replace this with Thoughtseize

    2x Kabira Evangel: Additional Ally; provides protection of some sort. But I feel that he is better with Cloudshift synergy

    1x Pact of Negation: Second counterspell against hate. May remove this or Dispel for better options.

    1x Ravenous Trap: Hate against TRON or other re-animator decks

    3x Stony Silence: Hate against TRON, Affinity, Pod, Rack,

    3x Wear / Tear: More hate against artifacts/enchantments

    Reworked mainboard — April 18, 2014

    Reworked mainboard. Added Summoning Trap + Angel of Glory's Rise as an alternative combo trigger in the event that my casting creature got countered. Now, more tuning to go!

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