Allies are just insane...

3 Reasons why Allies are awesome!

1) Poweful ETB triggers and synergy! Most allies have effects that trigger at ETB, affecting other allies to pump them, boost them with other abilities or wreck havoc altogether. In fact, this automatically synergizes the deck perfectly if you are able to flash in allies or blink them to trigger more ETBs!

2) Relatively cheap mana: ability ratio cost. Some allies are actually very efficient in terms of their mana cost to their ability. Like Kazandu Blademaster; ETB will already see him as a 2/2, Vigliance with First Strike. Or Jwari Shapeshifter; She is the Phantasmal Image of allies. Also note worthy cards are: Bala Ged Thief, Hagra Diabolist, Harabaz Druid and of course, the sick Kabira Evangel.

3) Relatively cheap deck to build with strong offense/defense. The deck is also relatively flexible with its strategies; able to go aggro, control and midrange as suited. As such, it's versatility is unmatched, but at the same time, open to a lot of weakness.

This deck packs more than just a tribal build. As most people are killing off Allies the moment they see them, it can be hard to play as an aggressive build. But, if we add a small twist to the deck; by adding the reanimation option, the potency of the deck will be much greater it is possible to draw a win-con by hitting a insta-win mill is possible on that turn, rendering them a game loss on the opponent's next draw step.

Strategy & Tips

Dig the library with Faithless Looting, Taigam's Scheming and Izzet Charm for Angel of Glory's Rise and Unburial Rites / Makeshift Mannequin. Fill the graveyard with Ally (Human) cards, especially Halimar Excavator; he is your main win con. Pull out the combo by reanimating Angel of Glory's Rise. Once resolved, return all humans back onto the battlefield. Resolve the triggers and your opponents can basically mill out the whole library.

Ideally, you would want Angel of Glory's Rise with the human ally cards. She gives the best option in dominating the board. However if unavailable, Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite and Empyrial Archangel gives you extra steam and power to hose your aggro-heavy meta. Cards like Pyroclasm, Lingering Souls does help in establishing and holding the board under control.

The Achilles's heel of the deck is definitely graveyard hate. Sideboard-ed cards would include answers to their hates like Pithing Needle and Quicksilver Amulet to buy some time. You have to time the answers right to get make sure the damage to you done is as little as possible. Izzet Charm does help remove Scavenging Ooze early game, but that's really all you can do to save yourself.

In the case of counter matches, Iona, Shield of Emeria is a powerhouse in those matches. If done right, the opponent can basically concede as naming the right colour will shut the opponent down at that turn. Also. consider Summoning Trap into the 75 as alternative. This card can dig deep into the deck (7 cards to be exact) and you definitely can find a treasure you want. Ideally you would want Angel of Glory's Rise as you basically cast her for free and basically just activates your combo. If anything else, she is already a 4/6 flyer. In early games without removal she can easily take games in left unanswered.


Deck is dismantled and Archived. I'm now playing Human Alliance

Added in the Gifts Ungiven package; Iona, Shield of Emeria and Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite are moved up to mainboard to complement the Ally build. The deck still doesn't function well in its aggro strategies, but the gifts package complement well with the reanimator package.

Certain cards were cut to avoid excess and to also to make space for the package and some mainboard disruption and removal. Murderous Cut works wonderfully here and the playset of Inquisition of Kozilek helps in maintaining the boardstate well.

Sideboard would require some rework to help the deck. For now, I've settled on adding Ondu Cleric as the main change to help against RDW. Other cards will change over the next few days as I do up my research.

Updated my decklist against a more aggro-heavy meta with more graveyard hate.

I've cut back a colour to improve mana consistency.

Gameplay reviews with the new decklist will be up in Feburary onwards. I need a month or so to playtest the deck.


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