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This deck started out originally as a Megrim discard deck. Slowly I turned it into a mill deck and this is what I have so far.

The object is obvious. We are milling our opponents. With Fraying Sanity, Archive Trap, Twincast we have a possibility of 52 card mill on turn 4.

With the help of Field of Ruin and Scheming Symmetry I am able to make opponent search his library while Fraying Sanity is on the field. Then I drop the Archive Trap then Twincast for 26 mill. Then fraying sanity kicks on for another 26 mill being 52 card mill.

The sideboard is updated

I removed Thought Erasure and Void Snare I replaced them with Set Adrift

I dropped Bojuka Bog for Leyline of the Void in a earlier version but now I'm back to using Bojuka Bog.

To slow down aggro I have Ensnaring Bridge along with Darkness

Psychic Spiral helps me against other mill/discard decks

I swapped out the Creeping Tar Pit and 1 Scheming Symmetry for 2 Mission Briefing


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