Step 1: Drop Captain Sisay

Step 2: Fetch Paradox Engine, cast it.

Step 3: Fetch Mox Amber. Cast it, untapping Captain Sisay. Fetch Mox Opal, tap Mox Amber for

Step 4: Cast Mox Opal, untap Captain Sisay and Mox Amber, tap both moxen for , with an additional floating from before. Fetch Seton, Krosan Protector

Step 5: Use all of your floating mana and cast Seton, Krosan Protector, untap the moxen and Captain Sisay tap the moxen and Seton, Krosan Protector for and tap Captain Sisay to find Marwyn, the Nurturer.

Step 6: Use all of your floating mana and cast Marwyn, the Nurturer. Untap all of your non-land permanents and then tap them all (tap Marwyn, the Nurturer using Seton, Krosan Protector's ability), for and also to fetch Rishkar, Peema Renegade.

Step 7: Cast Rishkar, Peema Renegade, floating , untap all of your non-land permanents, tap them all again for 6x and Aetherworks Marvel.

Step 8: Cast Aetherworks Marvel, floating 2x, untap all of your non-land permanents, and tap them out for 7x and Akroma's Memorial.

Step 9: Cast Akroma's Memorial using all of your floating mana, untap all of your non-land permanents, and tap them again for , 4x and fetch a Bow of Nylea.

Step 10: Cast Bow of Nylea and float and , then untap the rocks, dorks, and Captain Sisay another time. Fetch Mikeaus, the Lunarch, and tap for a bunch of mana, like 3x and 3x or something.

Step 11: Cast Mikeaus, the Lunarch for x=1, float 2x and 2x, untap all of your non-land stuffs and things and retap them. Akroma's Memorial gives haste to Mikaeus, the Lunarch, and you can tap it to place a +1/+1 counter on all of your other creatures, and kill it off, getting energy from Aetherworks Marvel. Tap Bow of Nylea and pay two to place him on the bottom of your deck, and fetch him up again with Captain Sisay.

Step 12: Repeat Step 11 a Vigintillion number of times (how ever many you want really) to put some ungodly number of +1/+1 counters on all of your creatures and make an even more massive amount of mana (tap Marwyn, the Nurturer for an ungodly amount of mana too!).

Step 13: Do step 11 over and over again except this time tap Aetherworks Marvel between untap triggers. Cast your whole deck this way.

Step 14: By using Opalescence to make Parallax Wave a creature, you can exile Eternal Witness under it, and then exile Parallax Wave to itself, retriggering Eternal Witness's enter-the-battlefield effect. This process allows you to return any card in your graveyard to your hand at any time, and mill out your opponents with Altar of the Brood.

Step 15: By repeatedly sacrificing, recuring, and casting Scroll of Griselbrand, you can make all of your opponents discard their hands. Between untaps, recur any random instant/sorcery card from your graveyard to your hand with the Eternal Witness Combo and discard it to Grimoire of the Dead, and put at least three counters on it.

Step 16: Recur and recast Beast Within until the only permanents your opponents have are 3/3 Beast tokens.

Step 17: By using Parallax Wave to exile a token an opponent controls, and then exile itself, remove every token you gave your opponents.

Step 18: Replace Eternal Witness with Riftsweeper in the infinite Opalescence/Parallax Wave Combo, placing all exile cards into yours and your opponent's decks, and mill them out again with Altar of the Brood.

Step 19: Tap and sacrifice Grimoire of the Dead to recur all of your opponents creatures to your side of the battlefield. They have haste due to Akroma's Memorial.

Step 20: Use Relic of Progenitus to exile all cards from all graveyards, after Eternal Witnessing your graveyard back to hand. Sacrifice Oblivion Sower to Krark-Clan Ironworks (Because of Mycosynth Lattice), return it to hand, cast it, and repeat, until you have every land from your opponent's deck on your side of the battlefield. The rest of their non-creature, non-land cards will remain in exile if you want, you can also Riftsweeper them back into their decks, and altar of brood them into their yards.

Step 21: Draw all of the lands in our deck by using Relic of Progenitus over and over, returning it to our hands by Riftsweepering it to our hands, and Aetherworks Marvel in the Step 13 loop to recast it from our deck.

Step 22: Play all of our lands by using Cogwork Assembler on Exploration over and over again, giving us a makeshift Fastbond effect.

Step 23: Cast White Sun's Zenith x=, to put a card in our deck and plop infinite 2/2 cat tokens on the field.

Step 24: Recast and recur Beast Within infinite times, targeting any of our permanents (they have indestructible because of Darksteel Forge and Mycosynth Lattice so it doesn't destroy it) to make infinite 3/3 beast tokens.

Step 25: Make infinite copies of all of your permanents with Cogwork Assembler. Mirror Gallery helps here.

Step 26: Animate all of your infinite lands with Animate Land

Step 27: Recast and recur Triumph of the Hordes infinite times to give all of our creature +/+, along with making them have infect (Akroma's Memorial already gave them trample.)

Step 28: Sacrifice half of your infinite Ugin's Nexus to create infinite turns.

Step 29: Regenerate all of your infinite enchantments, creatures, and lands (all animated) with Asceticism infinite times. You could also just sacrifice half of your welding jars or something.

Step 30: Recast and Recur Healing Grace infinite times, to set your life-total to infinity, and prevent infinite damage that would be dealt to any of your infinite lands, creatures, or enchantments.

Step 31: Recast and Recur Hornet String until you have set each of your opponent's life totals to 1


Here's where everything we have done combines to become the best win in the world:


It's your turn. Your opponents can't cast spells or activate abilities (City of Solitude). they also have 1 life each. They have no permanents on their side of the battlefield, no hands, no graveyards, and no libraries. It is your precombat main phase. You have infinite copies of every single permanent in your deck, along with infinite tokens. You have a single card in your deck (White Sun's Zenith) and every land and creature in your opponent's deck on your side of the battlefield, in fact, you have infinite copies of all of them, including legendaries (Mirror Gallery). All of your lands and non-aura enchantments are also creatures (Opalescence and Animate Land). Each of them has +/+ and infect, trample, first strike, protection from all colors, protection from all artifacts, protection from converted mana cost 3 or higher, vigilance, flying, haste, indestructible, and hexproof. Infinite damage is prevented from them until end of turn. All of your permanents have infinite regeneration shields (Welding Jar). Your mana doesn't empty as turns or phases end, and you have infinite turns. You can return any cards from exile, library, battlefield, or graveyard to your hand, and have infinite mana. You have infinite life as well.


Step 32: Move to combat. Move to Declare Attackers, send one hundred thousand of each of your creature/lands/enchantments at each opponent. Move to Declare Blockers. Stare with a deadly serious face at each of your opponents.

Step 33: Make a copy of Eternal Witness by using Cogwork Assembler's Ability, respond to the copy being made effect making another copy. There are two triggers for copies of Eternal Witness on the stack. Tap three of your Rhystic Caves naming green for their triggers.

Step 34: With two copies of Eternal Witness on the stack, and three "make green mana" on the stack as well, you can cast Teferi's Protection, respond to it being cast by making copies of random permanents like lands or something with Cogwork Assembler until you are fully out of mana, and using Grimoire of the Dead and random spells you can cast and untap with using Eternal Witness Triggers or whatever, discard everything from your hand except Hornet Sting. Let everything on the stack resolve as you want until you resolve Teferi's Protection


You now have only one card in hand, one card in library, no mana, and no permanents. You aren't much better off than your opponents, sadly they'd be mistaken to believe that. Trust me.


Step 35: Let the three "get green mana" triggers from the Rhystic Caves resolve. Then use one of the mana for Hornet Sting, kill one opponent.

Step 36: Resolve the first Eternal Witness copy from Step 33, and return Hornet Sting from the yard to your hand.

Step 37: Use your second mana for Hornet Sting, killing a second opponent.

Step 38: Resolve the second and last Eternal Witness copy, return Hornet Sting from the yard to your hand.

Step 39: Cast Hornet Sting using your last mana and kill the last opponent.

Step 40: Win the game.


You now have won a game of commander, with Hornet Sting on all of your opponents, with nothing but a pair of Eternal Witness for moral support.

Thanks for reading and have a good day.

(This deck is called Selesnya Hornet Sting Burn!)


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