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This is a budget plainswalker deck focusing on Huatli, the Sun's Heart. The goal is to play a bunch of high-toughness creatures like Yoked Ox, War Screecher, Crater Elemental, and Erratic Cyclops. Then search for a Huatli with Call the Gatewatch and trample in for the win. God-Pharaoh's Faithful gives you lifegain, Reprobation and Banishing Light provide removal, and Aegis of the Heavens gives you a massive toughness boost. (A pair of them on an unblockable Augur il-Vec gives you the possibility of a turn 4 win. Or just use one on an Erratic Cyclops to trample in for 15 damage while using Huatli's ability to gain 15 life.) Finally, Goldnight Castigator gives you a massive threat in the sky, and pairs nicely with the protection provided by Teyo, the Shieldmage and The Wanderer.

If you've got a couple of extra bucks, I'd sub in Dusk / Dawn for Reprobation and Banishing Light, Mentor of the Meek for Yoked Ox, and another copy of Goldnight Castigator for War Screecher. Also, more dual lands.

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