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This budget deck is based around the prowl mechanic, which allows you to play some great cards like Stinkdrinker Bandit , Auntie's Snitch , Morsel Theft , and Earwig Squad at a discounted cost whenever a rogue deals combat damage to your opponent. In order to get the most out of this, we're playing ten unblockable one-drops so that we can prowl every turn. The ideal sequence is to play a Slither Blade , Changeling Outcast , or Triton Shorestalker on turn 1, a Stinkdrinker Bandit on turn 2, and another one-drop on turn 3 with an Inkfathom Witch . You can then activate your Witch's ability on turn 4 and make all your one-drops unblockable 6/2 creatures. Duress gets rid of removal, while Supernatural Stamina and Virulent Swipe will often just be used on unblockable creatures to Shock your opponent to the face. However, Stamina can also be used to protect your unblockable creatures from removal, or to re-activate ETBs when you block with Earwig Squad , Dimir Informant , or Latchkey Faerie . You can also use Virulent Swipe defensively to give one of your creatures deathtouch.

If you have a couple of extra bucks, sub in more Earwig Squad for Dimir Informant and Curious Obsession for Virulent Swipe . Oona's Blackguard is another good upgrade.

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