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This budget deck uses counters and outlast creatures to give everyone keyword abilities. On curve, play Cenn's Tactician , Ainok Bond-Kin , Abzan Falconer , and Abzan Battle Priest . Then play a Ridgescale Tusker and all your other creatures will have counters, first strike, flying, lifelink, and the ability to block more than one creature each turn. Follow that up with the combination of Cytoplast Root-Kin and either Huatli's Raptor or Pollenbright Druid on turn 6 to proliferate twice and you're really in business. Collective Effort gives you another way to put counters on all your creatures while also providing removal. Inspiring Call gives you massive card draw while also providing defense. Finally, if you've got the cash, be sure to check out Evolution Sage - a very nice addition to counters decks.

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Updated with new cards from War of the Spark.


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