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This is an extreme budget version of a kithkin tribal build. Curve out with Goldmeadow Stalwart , Cenn's Heir , Kithkin Zephyrnaut , Thoughtweft Trio , and Cloudgoat Ranger . Cenn's Tactician and Wizened Cenn buff, Ballyrush Banneret increases speed, and Kithkin Harbinger tutors up whatever creature you need (usually a Wizened Cenn or a Thoughtweft Trio). Pacifism and Oblivion Ring provide removal, Surge of Thoughtweft adds combat tricks and card draw, and Brave the Elements protects your creatures and helps you get damage through.

If you have a few extra bucks, cheap upgrades would include Figure of Destiny for Cenn's Tactician or Goldmeadow Stalwart, Preeminent Captain for Kithkin Harbringer, and Brigid, Hero of Kinsbaile for Kithkin Zephyrnaut.

Check out all my budget decks at $5MTG - all decks under $5 at the time of posting.


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