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This is a control-focused enchantment deck looking to slowly sap your opponent with a variety of curses. Grim Guardian and Trespasser's Curse drain, Underworld Coinsmith gains life and gives you a mana sink, and Mesa Enchantress draws cards. Sky Tether , Reprobation , and Conclave Tribunal provide removal. Torment of Scarabs , Curse of Exhaustion , and Thoughtrender Lamia limit your opponent's options. Curse of Misfortunes and Curse of Thirst add to the damage.

If you have a couple of extra bucks, replace Conclave Tribunal with Oblivion Ring , Dead Weight with a fourth copy of Mesa Enchantress and Torment of Scarabs , and a single copy of Thoughtrender Lamia with Curse of Fool's Wisdom . You can also try to work in a copy of Sigil of the Empty Throne , Overwhelming Splendor , or Extinguish All Hope .


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