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Decided to compile a list of all the best looking redheaded females in the game. Found more than I expected. Several characters appear across multiple arts, such as Chandra, Olivia, Jhoira, etc, but I decided to throw them all in here, so long as the women in question are a large focus of the art, and most importantly, that their hair is visible, since that's what we're trying to show off here. That's why a lot of Chandra art is missing, since a lot of them have her head completely ablaze.

I've come across a lot of pieces that are either hard to see properly, or are ambiguous as to their true colour. Lighting can often make certain characters hair appear more blonde or light brown. In these cases I have erred on the side of caution and left them out for now, unless someone can make a convincing argument otherwise, or show me a bigger, more clear cut art. These are the reddest of the redheads I can find.


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