5 Color Legendary Tribal. This deck is focused on legendary creatures, enchantments, and artifacts. It's mostly just a good stuff deck, not one specific focus, all the cards do good stuff. I still don't know a lot about Magic, so if anyone has suggestions on things to swap out, leave a comment! Thanks for all the help!

Jodah, Archmage Eternal, used to help get big stuff out for less mana, there isn't a lot of huge stuff but it could be useful and there aren't a lot of 5 Color Commander's to choose from, but if you like, you could switch it out for another Commander.

Captain Sisay, for obvious reasons.

Muldrotha, Primeval's Glorious Rebirth, and a bunch of other things for graveyard recursion.

Other tutors, for obvious reasons. And the list goes on, you could throw in a helm of the host, too, but Arvad the Cursed, Day of Destiny, and Heroes' Podium make your creatures huge.

There is other stuff going on in this deck but I'll let you find it yourselves! Thank you again and leave a comment and an upvote!


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