The main goal of this deck is to have as much fun as possible with board states.

The secondary goal of this deck is to Hive mind, then Cast any pact to get rid of any players not playing that color.

Neat interactions that you guys probably cant instantly see

Ink-Treader Nephilim + Bant Charm Chaos Warp Stolen Identity Rite of Replication Spitting Image Path to Exile Slaughter Pact AEther Mutation (I get all saprolings because i control all copies)

Sunforger Targets : Chaos Warp Bant Charm Path to Exile Enlightened Tutor Pact of the Titan Intervention Pact Counterflux

Hive Mind + Time Reversal (Allows me to dig for pacts, with hivemind already out, its perfect)

Child of Alara + Harvester of Souls Bloom Tender Bound/Determined Avacyn, Angel of Hope Saffi Eriksdotter

Infinite mana: Sun Titan +Saffi Eriksdotter + Phyrexian Altar (Optional Draw deck) + Harvester of Souls

Knowledge Pool + Stolen Identity (I choose which Pool people get to cast out of)

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Is that really your commander?



Updated the online deck to reflect the Real life version

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yahelhotam says... #1

September 7, 2017 3:03 p.m.

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