2/3 Jund, 1/3 Hate Bears, 1/3 X-Factor. I am fully aware this does not add up to 1.

I have no idea what's going on with the mana base. I've done no less than 100,000 test draws, and this is where things have landed for now. Just roll with it.

The goal here is to identify the metagame of the modern format and attack it thusly. You don't want to be playing creatures like Kalonian Hydra in modern. If you're going to get up to 5 you might as well just hit a Splinter Twin on a Deceiver Exarch and win the game from there.

You're not going to grind things out with a Boros Reckoner in Modern. If you tap out to throw down a reckoner, they could very well end step Ad Nauseam into an Angel's Grace, and again, you're just straight dead. If you're running Boros Reckoner in modern, you'd better also have a Blasphemous Act in there and other tricks.

So what's going on here is we have creatures, but these are creatures with spells attached to them. These types of creatures are typically called utility bears when they have a triggered ability and hate bears when they have some sort of passive disruptive aspect. Voice of Resurgence is a fine example of a strong hate bear printed in a recent set which has quickly and securely found a home in the modern and legacy formats.

The spells are just spells. Nothing fancy there, these are just the best spells in the format. Faithless Looting or Ad Nauseam is stronger when storming or comboing, of course, but objectively, in a vacuum, these are some of the strongest spells in the format. Not all of them, but a lot of them. No Mana Leak, no Snapcaster Mage. There's not room for everything.

The sideboard is a sideboard in this same theme. Identify the modern format and what beats it. Rakdos Charm is effectively 12 sideboard cards in 4 slots. It instant kills twin after they combo, destroys any graveyard strategy, and kills artifacts.

This is not a deck for beginners. This is not meant to be a brag, just an identifier. It's jund in style more than anything else, which requires one to identify the threats in the format and add the appropriate answers accordingly. It's not like a Bogles deck where you just pick it up and start throwing Ethereal Armor and Rancor on a Gladecover Scout .

Anyone who has any ideas to improve on this project is absolutely welcome to comment, and I appreciate any help. Thanks guys.


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