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Ramos' Cloven Casting

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Directly inspired by The Command Zone because of their friend's Villainous Wealth deck. This deck is built around one of my favorite non-legendary cards from Alara Reborn. Cloven Casting

The first version of the deck featured Cloven Casting as the sole way to deliver the payload we want, which is usually Villainous Wealth or Debt to the Deathless. Since then Wizards had the bright idea of printing one that's just better in every way. This is still a Cloven Casting deck, eat your heart out Swarm Intelligence

Giving this deck a fresh coat of paint was a pleasure. Wizards finally printed a 5 color commander that cares about multicolored cards, and the time for Cloven Casting has come. When you set out to build around a weird card like Cloven Casting you run into a lot of cards you didn't know existed. Supply / Demand surprised me because I didn't think Wizards had actually printed any other real help for multicolored outside of Alara Reborn and its Reborn Hope.

Let's talk about the lands first. This is a somewhat casual and budget list, I plan on using it in pods that don't necessarily have the power level you might expect from a table full of degenerates. That means the land base is budget, and because this is a 5 color deck, a budget land base is a BAD land base. There's no avoiding it. It would be infinitely better to have 10 shocks and however-many fetch lands you can manage. The Tri-land cycle is awful in five color for competitive purposes. That being said, I've excluded the trilands which dont tap for green to have a very slight lean toward the color we need to fix our mana.

A quick breakdown of cards I find notable:

Expansion / Explosion is the only instant speed payload card in this deck. Very important to note if you don't manage to get Leyline of Anticipation or Alchemist's Refuge on the board. Excellent new addition from Return to Return to Ravnica 2: The Returnening.

Guided Passage is a pet card of mine here. I consider it a card advantage card rather than a tutor, but in this deck there are only 4 creatures. So it's important to think on which ones are still in your deck if you want to cast this once, or twice, or three times to get almost all of them. Make sure you inform your opponent if you want a specific answer to someone else's huge threat.

Wargate is probably going to be ramp for a 5 color land most of the time. There isn't much to get with it aside from maybe one of the 3 drop mana doublers, or Eternal Witness.

Debt to the Deathless is the most powerful payload. Full stop, casting Debt for 10 is easy, copy it and suddenly you've got 10 double to 20, plus another copy for 40 life from everyone. Probably the end of the game.

Assassin's Trophy is an excellent addition to this deck. It needs as many instant speed answers and board wipes as possible to keep from getting too low to random beaters.

Heartbeat of Spring and its siblings are dangerous indeed. Doubling everyone's mana is a huge albeit fun risk, and a huge part of why the deck is more casual. The idea of playing the 3 drop ones is to be able to cast them, and a payload in the same turn, but you could probably lean more into one sided mana doubling like Mana Reflection if you really wanted. Keep in mind the average CMC of your deck though.

Conflux is a huge pain. Especially if you end up doubling it, if you've got it sitting in your hand it's important to think on what you're going to go get if you resolve it. Better to not waste everyone's time digging through your deck for an hour.

Abzan Charm is a staple in any Ramos deck, its +1+1 counter mode adds the full 5 counters to Ramos, turning Abzan Charm into a WWUUBBRRGG ritual, featuring two additional perfectly great modes.


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