The First Izoni deck on Tappedout!

Wow, so this deck...

When Izoni, Thousand-Eyed was spoiled, I thought about how to break him. I decided the best way to break him was tokens. I put some significant math and figuring into how this deck came to be, so I'm going to put the majority of it in this handy, space-saving accordion block to save room.

With the 3 token doublers ( Doubling Season , Primal Vigor , Parallel Lives ), and a Panharmonicon in play, If you have 10 creatures in the yard, which should be easily doable by turn 6 in G/B, you get 160 tokens. Add Blade of Selves , and you grow that number each turn.

With Blade of Selves , you get 16 additional Izoni triggers if you have 3 opponents, considering you still have your doublers in play. This gives you 80 x 16 w/o Panharmonicon , 160 x 16 w/ Panharmonicon . Without, this gives you 1280 1/1 insects, and with it gives you 2560.

That's a lot of power.

Then, my good friend Daedalus19876 reminded me about Helm of the Host :

Considering Helm of the Host , we get an additional 8 etb's per turn. This gives us, with unchanged parameters, 80 x 8, or 160 x 8, or 640, and 1280 respectively.

Now, let's factor in Blade of Selves . Again, the parameters are unchanged, so we get out 1120/2240. I'm going to consider that Panharmonicon is in play, so let's go from there.

We have the original 160 tokens from the first etb. Then, in the first combat with Izoni, we have helm and blade equipped. We get a staggering 3840 tokens upon attacking, +160 gives us 4000 1/1 tokens. In the first time around the board.

Now, that is all under perfect conditions. It doesn't always happen like that, but I try my best.

4000 Tokens

Now, I know what you are thinking, "That's a lot of tokens!" And you're right. It is a lot of tokens. The most straightforward way to win is by turning them sideways, but lets say that isn't an option, under something like Propaganda . We have a few other ways to close out the game:

Zulaport Cutthroat / Blood Artist / Poison-Tip Archer + Any Sac outlet: Near Infinite damage, also can be added to the other combos to Speed up the win.

Zulaport Cutthroat / Blood Artist / Poison-Tip Archer + Illness in the Ranks = A dead table

Well, That's it. Please +1 if you like the deck!


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