Sept. 4, 2014


Out -2 Unearth - 1 Oona's Grace -1 Abundant Growth

In +4 Pyroblast

you have a good amount of removal main deck, the Pyroblast can help keep them off card draw as well as help you get past counters

Affinity Out -3 Matca Rioters -1 Prophetic Prism -2 Wild Naacatl -1 Matca Rioters

In +3 Ancient Grudge +1 Qasali Pridemage +3 Standard Bearer

Keep them off as many artifacts as you can with the Grudges, and Pridemages, with the unearths you can get the Pridemages back for more killing. Play Standard Bearer out as Fling protection


Out -3 Prophetic Prism -4 Skred

In +3 Diabolic Edict +3 Standard Bearer +1 Qasali Pridemage

Non Targeted Removal, Enchantment Kill and redirection from the Standard Bearers.


Out -3 Prophetic Prism -1 Abundant Growth

In + 3 Diabolic Edict .+ 1 Quasli Pridmage

More removal, more threats.


Out -2 Unearth -3 Prophetic Prisim, -3 Wild Nacatl

In +4 Pyroblast, +3 Ancient Grudge, +1 Qasali Pridemage

Keep them off Mulldrifters, Grudge away mana rocks, Quasali Pridemage is a better threat then the Nacatl. You are the control in this matchup and Nacatl is a pure aggro card.


Out -3 Prophetic Prism

In +3 Diabolic Edict

Again you run much removal, the extra removal will help

Deliver Fiend

Out - 3 Prophetic Prism, -2 Quasali Pridemage -4 Wild Nacatl -1 Abundant Growth

In + 4 Pyroblast, +3 Diabolic Edict + 3 Standard Bearer

Removal is good, Pyroblast to counter tricks, and Standard Bearer shuts a lot of the tricks off completly.

Goblins/Stompy, White Weenie

Out -3 Prophetic Prism, -1 Abundant Growth

In +3 Diabolic Edict +1 Qusali Pridemage.

Extra removal, and another body that makes your combat better. Anti aggro package.

Boros Kitty

Out -3 Prophetic Prism

In +3 Diabolic Edict

Extra Removal is good against the deck.

Azorious Kitty

Out -3 Prophetic Prism -4 Wild Nacatl

In +4 Pyroblast +3 Diabolic Edict


Out -3 Prophetic Prism

In +3 Standard Bearer

They die so you can live.


Out -3 Prophetic Prism -1 Skred

In +4 Pyroblast

The Pryoblast will help get past counters.

Tortured E

Out -2 Wild Nacatl

In +1 Relic of Progenitus +1 Qasali Pridemag

Save the Relic for when you can get them the most, and try to keep them off Tortured E with the 3 Pridemages.