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After the suggestions that were made, I'd say we have a fine tuned exhume machine here! Thanks for all the help FUL! Let me know what happens if you use this deck online!

So I'm sure a lot of you are probably asking, "Hoth, coldest planet in Star Wars films, why isn't Ulamog's Crusher included in this list? Why is it mostly cycling creatures like Greater Sandwurm ? Or Ridge Rannet ?" Well, my friend, the reason for that is simple! I can't discard the crusher from my hand any time I like, such as in this deck right here - New Exhume. So with that out of the way, it's simply put like this;

Cycle big boys (or girls) such as Greater Sandwurm , or Horror of the Broken Lands , or Pale Recluse / Valley Rannet , or Jungle Weaver for whatever their multi-tasking value may be, and cast a Cascade spell, such as Captured Sunlight or Violent Outburst , cascade into an Exhume and you've got a big boy (or girl) on turn 3 or 4 at the latest.

The whole point is that there's nothing that is 2 cost in the deck other than Exhume, so your cascade spells will always hit exhume. And with Grazing Kelpie we're gonna get Exhume back in the library where it's nice and safe from harm!

The side board is standard get rid of artifact/enchantment hate. Also added extra removal in case you're not playing against control/hexproof.


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Zhume Zhume is the newest build for this style of deck! Please drop by and take a look at it.


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