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~$35 Mono Green Super Ramp Deck

Modern Budget Casual Mono-Green Ramp


Hello Everyone, this is my Mono Green Super Ramp Deck, I will go over the creatures in the deck and what the general purpose of them is.

Acidic Slime: Our removal of noncreature spells, this buddy is pretty good against certain strategies.

Arbor Elf: Although his original purpose is similar to Elvish Mystic, Arbor Elf allows us to untap lands with Overgrowth on them, multiplying our available mana and making it easier to to summon our powerful creatures.

Elvish Mystic: Simply used for mana, both this card and arbor elf work well with our Overwhelming Stampede, so we can swing for game.

Growth Spasm: This provides us with both an extra blocker and a mana, as we are somewhat fragile in the early game.

Naturalize: Our instant remover of unwanted spells our opponent controls.

Obstinate Baloth: This card is very helpful in a few ways, 1 he gives us 4 life, 2. He is hate against discard, 3. He is a 4 drop, and that makes him super easy to play, especially when we have tons of mana available to play multiple creatures.

Overgrowth: The Mono Green Market Festival, this guy lets us get 3 mana from one forest, and has great synergy with Arbor elf.

Pelakka Wurm: Big Monster who gives us life, a draw, and trample, he's great with our hopeful mana curve.

Terra Stomper: One Giant Big Ass Mole-rat, this guy is UNCOUNTERABLE, and gives us a great 8/8 for 6.

Wickerbough Elder: Our final noncreature remover, he's decent becuase he's stilll a 4/4, but has the ability to destroy without being as difficult as our Slime.

Elderscale Wurm: This card is VERY useful against decks like Burn, because he needs a bunch of Burn to kill him, and even though he isn't the best creature to use in mtg, he still gives us a small chance to play our stampede.

Overwhelming Stampede: This card is EXTREMELY fun to use, because we really only need one big monster and some elves to swing for game, as a bunch of 8/8 easily win most games.


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