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As of late, something that has really caught my interest has been budget decks. There's just something very fun and rewarding about making a halfway decent deck out of cheap-ass cards. It becomes even more satisfying when said cheap cards beat out a deck that a decent sum of money was put into. For my first actual 'budget' deck, I decided to do a mono-green infect deck.

This particular deck is so generic I don't think I can even really say that I was the creator, despite the fact that I was the one to put this specific list together. It runs on some pretty simple ideas such as getting out little creatures very early, beefing them up, and swinging while the opponents are still building their defenses. The deck was designed with speed in mind, and has the potential to pull off a turn-2 win, if the right cards are drawn.

The first card that should be played is a turn-1 Glistener Elf, which will be a good indicator to the opponents just what kind of deck is being played, so be careful, because the targeting starts early. On turn-2 is where the fun starts. A Mutagenic Growth followed by a Groundswell (if the landfall ability was triggered) and a Giant Growth is a turn-2 win that's sure to leave the opponents fuming. There are also a few Apostle's Blessings in the deck to either protect the field or make one of the infect creatures unblockable. I put the Vines of Vastwood in the deck because of its multipurpose potential as well, as it can protect and beef up the creature, which is nice. One more nasty little card I threw in was Wild Defiance. The card is pretty slow, since it can't be played until the third turn, but it packs a ridiculous punch once it is out.

Like I said earlier, this isn't exactly an original deck, but it is new to me, and I compiled the list myself. If there is anything that needs to get out of there, or if you see any big holes in the deck, please let me know. Two other changes I was tempted to make were to add in Rancor and Predator's Strike, but I wasn't too positive about either one, so opinions on those would be appreciated.



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