Aracades like Big Butts and he can not lie, You other Planeswalkers can not lie When A Wall Gets Slapped Down with a Itty Bitty Power Score and big Toughness score in your way You get Mad, and Want to Sneak Around Then You Notice The Walls are on High Alert

Axebane Guardian + High Alert

With enough other defenders out this is infinite mana. With Assault Formation you have something to pump that mana into to swing for victory or wipe out.

Future stuff:

Axebane Guardian + Intruder Alarm + Wall of Kelp

This is Infinite Mana + Infinite Wall tokens. When Arcades, the Strategist is on the field it's also infinite draws. Add in Overrun and your opponents get overwhelmed by an army of infinite trampling wall tokens.


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So I finally figured out the 102 cards thing. The sleeve set I ordered came with 102 sleeves not 100. Took out Mentor of the Meek and Jungle Barricade


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