A white tokens build with a focus on fast kills with team pump spells. Extra resiliency comes from a number of cards that come back after they die, so the deck doesn't just fold to Shrivel/Crypt Rats/Electrickery.

THE PLAN: Play conservatively for the first 3-4 turns, building out your board and attacking where profitable. You have a lot of creatures that have to be killed twice, so don't be afraid to make trades where valuable. Once you have 3-5 creatures on the board and a mass pump spell in hand, swing out and hit for massive damage.


MBC: -4 Safehold Elite, +4 Lumithread Field. MBC cannot remove your Lumithread Field, and it'll keep you from being ruined by Witches and at least delay Crypt Rats a turn. If necessary, don't be afraid to use your pump spells defensively in order to avoid losing your whole board. Aside from Crypt Rats, the removal in MBC is mostly 1:1, which is in your favor when every card in your deck makes at least 2 creatures.

DELVER: -3 Ramosian Rally, +3 Holy Light. After game 1, they'll know to save their counterspells for your mass pumps. One-up them by removing some of your pump spells and using Holy Light to wipe their fairies (best used when the counter or untap trigger is on the stack).

FAMILIAR: -3 Ramosian Rally, +3 Suture Priest. Their game plan depends on repeating ETB effects, so an unanswered Suture Priest will kill them outright.

GOBLINS: No change. Trade eagerly, as your recurring guys make trades unfavorable for them. You have to be the control player in this matchup, but once they're out of gas you can coast to a victory.

IZZET FIEND: -3 Ramosian Rally, -2 Triplicate Spirits, +2 Celestial Flare, +3 Prismatic Strands. Use Celestial Flare to kill their lone attacker if you can, and use Prismatic Strands when you can't. If they have Flaring Pain, cry. This is a difficult matchup, so we sideboard heavily to make it winnable.

IZZET CONTROL: -3 Battle Screech, +3 Lumithread Field. Save yourself from Electrickery.

TRON: Same as Izzet Control.

BURN: -3 Battle Screech, +3 Suture Priest. The Suture Priest can gain you a lot of life, and tends to immediately draw a bolt. But every bolt they use on a Priest is one that doesn't go to your face.

DIMIR TRICKET: Same as MBC. Recurring Crypt Rats can be a pain. One of the hardest matchups.

AFFINITY: No change. A straightforward but difficult matchup.

TORTURED EXISTENCE: -2 Safehold Elite, +2 Lumithread Field. A difficult matchup, mostly due to recurring Spore Frog and Crypt Rats.

HEXPROOF: -3 Ramosian Rally, -2 Triplicate Spirits, +2 Celestial Flare, +3 Prismatic Strands. Basically play this the same way you do Izzet Fiend.

STOMPY: No change. Race them in game 1, which should be pretty easy. If they bring in a fog effect against you, then change plans and play as control, making trades until they run out of gas.

ELVES: -3 Ramosian Rally, +3 Holy Light. Use Holy Light to wipe their board at a prime moment. I have won games against Elves in which they went to 50+ life with Wellwisher, but couldn't recover from a well-timed Holy Light.

MONO-W and OTHER TOKENS DECKS: -2 Triplicate Spirits, -1 Battle Screech, +3 Suture Priest. Suture Priest can be a killer against other decks that also want to puke out tokens.

OTHER DECKS: Everything below this is rare enough that I don't have a specific plan. Just use your judgement. Bring in Journey to Nowhere against decks that depend on a single dangerous threat or creature combo, such as anything running Ulamog's Crusher or Freed From the Real combo decks. Bring in Suture Priest when you need to gain life, or when they want to flood the board. Bring in Prismatic Strands when their threats all share a color and they can lose to a few fogs (Infect, for example). Bring in Celestial Flare against decks that want to build a Voltron when they have key enchantments. Generally the first thing to take out is Ramosian Rally, your worst pump spell, then Triplicate Spirits, your most expensive spell


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