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This used to be a W/U deck, (blue splash) but after seeking advice, and taking it into consideration, things have changed quite a bit. If I find something that has a huge advantage that isn't mono white, I may consider adding it in and finding a way to play it by using Mana Confluence or some other alternative.

My goal: to gain life as quickly as possible, and use each threat as quickly as possible. :-P

Below is a list of things that were once in this deck and have since been cut for quick competitive play. The lower the CMC, the better. The more advantage the card gives, the better. Etc.

Elspeth, Sun's Champion , Aerial Responder , Cackling Counterpart , Sphinx's Revelation , Chastise , Blessed Reversal , Angelic Chorus , Chaplain's Blessing , Archangel's Light , Wall of Essence , Stasis Snare , Nyx-Fleece Ram , Mass Calcify , Daxos of Meletis , Oblivion Ring , Augury Adept , Wall of Reverence , Riot Control , Return to the Ranks , Ojutai's Command , Beacon of Immortality , Spell Shrivel


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