The Ur-Dragon is the commander but you could swap out the Scion of the Ur Dragon. The Ur-Dragons emminence ability is an insane edge but the draw effect is handy too. This deck is tuned to try and put more dragons on the field as quickly as possible while also having certain enchantments and cards that interact with dragons entering the battlefield in different ways. This deck can swing out with big creatures but I also wanted to have some more combo-esk win conditions.

If you have any ideas or criticism feel free to let me know what you think of the current deck or what you would do differently (I'm currently updating the summary throughout the next couple of days so I apologize for how things look at the moment.)

To ramp things into next gear I added Mirari's Wake allowing me get some more mana when I use mana.

Chromatic Lantern Gives our lands more versatility by allowing them to tap for any color as well as tapping the Lantern for one of any color.

Commander's Sphere Tap for any color in your commanders color scheme.

Darksteel Ingot Allows you to tap for one of any color.

Dragon's Hoard Creates gold tokens whenever a dragon enters the battlefield (this will happen a lot lol) which will allow you to tap and draw and you can tap the card for mana of any color.

Cultivate Search for lands and put one on the field and one in your hand.

Farseek Tutor up a land and put it onto the battlefield.

Kodama's Reach Does the same as Cultivate

Rampant Growth Put a land onto the battlefield.

The Ur-Dragon Has the eminence effect that triggers in the command zone.

Herald's Horn Allows things to be 1 cheaper.

Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma Says that creatures spells with power 4 or more cost 2 less to cast, and most of the dragons have power 4 or more.

Dragonspeaker Shaman Dragon spells cost 2 less to cast.

Dragonlord's Servant Dragon spells cost 1 less to cast.

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When running this deck people will most likely try and shut you out of brining in your dragons thus it's important to keep some protection from answers and to have some of our own. Counterspell Does what counterspell does.

Faith's Reward If your board gets wiped then you can return these dragons to the field.

Ghostway Allows you to flicker your creatures before a board wipe lands.

Mortify and Putrefy Allow you to destroy some things from the other players.

Crux of Fate Allows you to destroy all non-dragon creatures.

Taigam, Ojutai Master Protects our dragon spells by saying that they cant be countered by spells or abilities.

Scalelord Reckoner Whenever one of our dragons is targeted and we can destroy a non-land permanent they control.

Dragonlord Dromoka Says that other players can't play spells during your turn.

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