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Any one familiar with competitive MTG will likely notice that this deck is extremely close to the Infect list most competitors would\will run.

(Pre-Gitaxian Probe ban) The only card that doesn't get seen too often in Infect is Sylvan Caryatid; simply because it's too slow and deviates from the central game-plan\win-con, and Noble Hierarch is better with exalted. I personally love having the extra layer of defense, and the fact it's hexproof is a bonus.

With the banning of Gitaxian Probe I've swapped in 3 Groundswell and 1 Spell Pierce. I also removed 2 Hinterland Harbor and 1 Forest for a Blossoming Defense, Island and another Spell Pierce to complete the set.

If you are looking for some budget options I suggest the following: Might of Old Krosa > Groundswell only problem is needing a landfall to match the buff Krosa gives | Noble Hierarch > Sylvan Caryatid which I've done personally because Hierarch is crazy expensive... | Breeding Pool > any G\U land, preferably ones that (can) enter untapped | Misty Rainforest > any other fetch-land that can fetch a forest or island since they're all cheaper.

Unfortunately in terms of budget, Inkmoth Nexus and Pendelhaven have no similar replacements.

Comments and constructive criticism welcome!


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-4 Breeding Pool main
-3 Groundswell main
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+3 Groundswell main
+4 Breeding Pool main
-4 Windswept Heath main
+2 Spellskite maybe