Built this mainly for group matches at home. This is my first try at a 3 color deck, is my mana okay? I’m unsure of what changes need to be made but I feel that it does need some change. Any suggestions? What about this deck getting damage done? Sometimes during play testing when I don’t have a Liliana's Caress out, I’m not able to do much damage. Any cards I should take out to put more damaging cards in there? Also what do you think about The Scarab God ? He’s expensive so I’m hesitant about adding him. I intend to use him as a backup win but do you think he’s worth it in this deck? I do create some zombies with Waste Not but not a huge amount. Also I have 2 Painful Quandary that I’ve thought about putting in, but when I play that card with my friends it usually paints a big target on me in group matches. Which I don’t know if this deck can handle that much heat. In a single player it’s a great card to use


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