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Baloth Woodcrasher Pauper EDH

Pauper EDH* Mono-Green


EDH Pauper Baloth Woodcrasher mega ramp. Use land ramp to bring out the commander as quickly as possible, then use even more land ramp to make him very large and swing. The deck works best when it sets up for one big turn by using ramp that puts lands into play untapped (such as Skyshroud Claim and Harrow) so it can chain many ramp spells together and kill in one hit, which is especially easy with Whispersilk Cloak. There are a few fight cards for creatures that are problematic (such as Kulrath Knight ) and a few spot removal cards for problem artifacts and enchantment (usually Pacificm effects). Each of the top end creatures in the deck have cycling of some kind in the case that continuing with the Baloth Woodcrasher train is a better strategy in your pod than filling the board with a few big creatures.

In case anyone was wondering, Terramorphic Expanse and Evolving Wilds aren't in there for mana fixing; they are in order to get more landfall triggers.This deck getting every single land into play over the course of a game is not uncommon. Certain card combinations can be devastating in pauper. Rancor with Timbermaw Larva can rack up huge amounts of trample damage, and give me some use of the lands that are already in play. Wildheart Invoker is also good for using the mana once you get it.

Draw is at all times extremely valuable, because it means that the deck can keep it's momentum. Often this deck puts in a giant swing with my general for 30+ damage, but doesn't have much to do after that but swing for 8 every turn. There is really not a lot that can be done to guarantee continuous momentum with pauper green; with no ability to tutor for non-lands, spot draw and cards like Sprouting Vines are all I really have. However, topdecking is far more advantageous when I have majorly thinned out the deck of lands.

I broke my previous record of power/toughness only from his own landfall ability; the record now being +36/+36(8 land drops).

I thought I'd make a list of the top five most powerful cards in this deck:

Honorable Mention: Explore Just a good card. However, it can't reach the tier of #1's power.

5th: Sprout Swarm This card can win the game by itself. The more saprolings it makes, the more of them can be used to convoke it. Eventually you have more and more saprollings all assisting in casting the spell for free over and over again. I ended a game by making 60+ saprolings this way. And at instant speed, there is no risk whatsoever.

4th: Skyshroud Claim 4 CMC for two lands directly into play untapped. Some of the best ramp in the game.

3rd: Quirion Ranger Guaranteeing your land drops is very useful if you are running low on cards in hand. The untap is almost completely irrelevant in this deck.

2nd: Vines of Vastwood Protecting the commander for only one mana is very good, but also giving the option to buff by +4/+4 for only a single additonal mana is extra useful.

1st: Gaea's Touch Basically just Exploration, except you can sacrifice it for mana if you don't need it anymore and are planning a big turn. It's insane that this is a common.


Updates Add

IN: Bant Panorama , Jund Panorama , Naya Panorama , Warped Landscape , Desert of the Indomitable , Primal Growth , Snake Umbra , Springbloom Druid , Scaretiller

OUT: x5 Forest, Feral Deceiver , Rot Wolf , Tangle Hulk , Naturalize

I added more fetchlands, which synergize with the commander, and a card that takes advantage of fetchlands, Scaretiller . Scaretiller also has synergy with Springbloom Druid and Harrorw. This was a recommandation by user Alkadron.

I decided to cut all the infect cards in the deck for a heavier ramp package, and at least one more protection card for Baloth Woodcrasher , that being Snake Umbra . If Pacifism effects become more of a problem, I may consider more cards that add hexproof and more spot removal.


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