agressive Birthing Pod Deck.

starts with the drops of 1cmc with Birds of Paradise for mana ramp.the 2cmc drops are Fauna Shaman for vengevines, Stoneforge Mystic for equipment, Squadron Hawk for resurrecting Vengevine. 3cmc cards: Viridian Corrupter for artifact removal, Blade Splicer, Mirran Crusader which are used for early aggression and finishing blow to work with Sun Titan. 4 cmc are the Vengevine. with 5cmc comes Baneslayer Angel, and Acidic Slime to deal with valakut or artifacts.. the finishers are Sun Titan to res swords or whatever is necessary

attempting to make this tournament viable

Please leave any suggestions

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Update: Completely reworked to be more casual and fun :D


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