Yessssssss. Cheapest Noble deck: Check.

This deck is all about being annoying :P

Basically the goal is to buff up Pride of the Clouds with a small army of flyers. Uncommons are Azorius Herald and Belfry Spirit .

Angelic Wall and Oona's Gatewarden as blockers

Spiketail Hatchling, Squall Drifter , Cage of Hands, Pacifism, and Mana Leak for disrupt

Azorius Herald , Belfry Spirit , and Ingenious Thief to bounce with Cloudshift and Peel from Reality

A fun thing to do is mass tokens with Pride of the Clouds, play him onto the field, swing a few times, then bounce him back to your hand to keep spawning tokens!


Tried a few practice rounds, it's pretty good as well as being quite lolz.

Also I heard the cheapest noble deck was $20... It's on o_o


Fleetfiend says... #1

Though it raises the cost (and this is a bit old), card:Judge's Familiar is much better than Spiketail Hatchling . :3

December 13, 2012 4:07 p.m.

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Illegal cards Mana Leak , Squall Drifter , Ingenious Thief , Oona's Gatewarden , Peel from Reality , Pacifism , Azorius Herald , Cloudshift , Angelic Wall , Cage of Hands , Belfry Spirit , Spiketail Hatchling , Pride of the Clouds
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