Friendships will be tested.

This is my Mix-mash Humans deck built on a budget by ripping apart some of my other decks for the pieces. This was supposed to be a temporary build so I could playtest more actively and often against "Humans" with my competitive control deck but it worked a little better then I anticipated.

The strategy of this deck is fairly straightforward and uncontrived. With a little guidance most beginner pilots can pick up and run fast with it. Makes for some great first timer experiences. You can really feel the power of a fast moving and growing board state. Within just a few turns you can wield 5/5 or much bigger creatures with flying and first strike. Most of the humans coming in just make every other human that much more of a threat.

There are now a few swaps planned out for the future but I am trying to keep them minimal and on more of the affordable side. I will update this deck accordingly as they happen.

Again, this is not for Competitive play. You will get shredded should you try. Interaction is very limited. The mana base is limited in scope for value reasons. This is nearly pure rush with a little bit of bounce thrown in mostly as a safety valve.

That said: Also, this is an awesome deck to play against.


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