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Barito’s Commander Cube



Artifact (80)

BlackCommander (10)

BlueCommander (10)

Other (10)

AzoriousCommander (5)

DimirCommander (5)

IzzetCommander (5)

SelesnyaCommander (5)

Land (45)

Green (30)

White (30)

WhiteCommander (10)

GolgariCommander (5)

OrzovCommander (5)

SimicCommander (5)

Black (30)

Blue (30)

Red (30)

GreenCommander (10)

RedCommander (10)

BorosCommander (5)

GruulCommander (5)

RakdosCommander (5)


This is a 400 card Commander cube. 100 of the cards are legendary creatures: 10 of each mono-color and 5 of each guild color. 15 of the cards are not shown here. They are “crowns” which add an additional color the the Commander identity. The break down is 3 of each color crown. This cube is to be draft using four packs of 15 cards with 4-6 people total. You can play groups, 2HG, or singles. Enjoy!


Blue: self-mill, artifacts

Red: aggro, artifacts

Black: recursion, sacrifice, "death" triggers

Green: lands, ramp, and big creatures

White: lifegain and combat


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