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Jeleva vs. Kess for big slow spells

Commander / EDH* Budget Casual Control U/B/R (Grixis)



Hello, and Welcome to My First Ever Commander Deck! Ramps up a bit with artifacts, tries to control the board a bit, and then wins usually a tutored Torment of Hailfire. A kicked Rite of Replication can help as well :)

This is a pretty budget deck. I've only recently started paying upwards of 10 euro for cards/staples, such as Cyclonic rift.

I think the biggest problem is that the win-condition is a bit lacking. There's only really Torment of Hailfire that does much to close out games. There are no room for infinite combos out of nowhere (as that usually makes my playground understandably a bit salty), so that's not really an alternative. A few more big, game winning spells that would work well with Jeleva would probably be nice, but I don't know which.

Yours truly,

Sinken <3


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