Gusthered came up with most of the Colossus formats rules, check them out below before you comment on this deck

Anyways, I thought this was pretty cool and I'm pretty excited to try this out. I will never turn down suggestions, so go ahead and comment if you have any.

My second Colossus deck can be found here:

Bewitched (Colossus Format)

Casual _raeofsunlight


I grew tired of having to alter the rules in five different places each time that an edit was made, so I created a google doc that is shared between the creators and can be viewed by anyone that has the link. No google account is necessary to view the rules.

Colossus Format Rules

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106.1 - Cards with an additional cost such as kicker, multi-kicker, entwine cost may be played as long as the additional cost causes the caster to pay at least 7 mana.

106.2- split cards may also be played under the circumstance that you pat at least 7 per side or pay 7 in total by paying for both sides. This does not apply to aftermath cards.

All of the format's rules can be found here:

The Colossus Format Rules

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