Mono-Black Control Deck,

Revolves around Gray Merchant of Asphodel and Whip of Erebos


Updates Add

Removed Master of the Feast and added 1 Whip of Erebos and 2 Bloodsoaked Champion, Master of the Feast always ended up being on the field for to long and creating card advanatge for my opponent. So I decided I would rather have some early game preassure with Bloodsoaked Champion and increase my odds of drawing Whip of Erebos.

Also, removed 1 Sign in Blood to main board Liliana Vess.

And lastly, filled the now two empty spots in my sideboard with an extra Liliana Vess and Dictate of Erebos

So far this has proved to be a massive improvement. Although I'm not sold on having Liliana Vess in the deck I haven't found a suitable replacement for her yet.


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