My playgroup came up with an interesting deckbuilding challenge: Make a tribal focused deck with a $60 restriction. I decided to make a Bird themed deck because of two reasons: tribal decks tend to be aggressive, and the amount of evasion birds provide can help us win the game.

Yet, I'm not entirely sure what to take out and to add to make this deck just a little better. The rules of the challenge are:

1) No board wipes above 4 mana. 2) No dual fetches 3) Very little, if any combos 4) There must be a minimum of 20 cards of the creature type. Creatures that create tokens of the creature type count towards that number.

Why Kangee and not Derevi? If I enjoy the deck enough, I might eventually make into a non-budget Derevi deck. I wanted to stick to two colors because it's easier to build around and cheaper. Plus, I wanted a solider sub-theme with this deck since Kangee is a solider.


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