This is the Ninja deck that will make me the Hokage! BELIEVE IT!

Disclaimer: This is a concept deck. I do not have the deck... yet...

Draw a ton of Cards to make your opponents mill their cards! Samsara No Jutsu, when fully active, will ensure that your opponents will sooner deck themselves out before they die to the life loss! With Necropotence on the field, you'll stop yourself from drawing too much and decking yourself out!
Substitution-Jutsu! Play cards that can sneak past your opponents defenses, and then Ninjitsu in Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow or any other ninjas in order to control your opponents board while mounting up commander damage! When a ninja is in danger, bounce it back with Cloudstone Curio or if it's not up, Teferi's Veil will phase them out until your next turn!


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It never gets popped. Gonna throw in a feldon's cane for some graveyard recursion against mill decks.


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