Full write up of performance both days at GP Birmingham on the Faeries Discord chat.

My build of U/B fae in Modern. The deck is designed to be closer to control than a typical tribal deck. Bitterblossom is one of the best cards in the deck, a resolved Bitterblossom can easily win a match by itself while you manage the opponent's board.

Large amounts of removal and counters give us great matchups against creature combo decks like Infect, Death's Shadow and U/R Battle Rage. Counters also give us a good chance against combo decks if we can slow their plans. We also have decent matchups against most midrange and Nahiri decks and good matchups against other control decks.

Our big weaknesses are Burn (due to no lifegain mainboard and Bitterblossom being horrible in this situation), Fast aggro decks that can go wide quickly and Eldrazi decks.

Faeries certainly isn't Tier 1 but the printing of cards like Fatal Push and the unbanning of Ancestral Vision are giving the deck some tools to help it compete in the meta, even if it's only to limited success. Despite that, Faeries is an incredibly fun deck to pilot.


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