Full write up of performance both days at GP Birmingham on the Faeries Discord chat.

My build of U/B Fae in Modern. The deck is designed to be closer to control than a typical tribal deck. Bitterblossom is one of the best cards in the deck, a resolved Bitterblossom can easily win a match by itself while you manage the opponent's board.

Large amounts of removal and counters give us great matchups vs midrange strategies. Our counters also give us a decent MU against combo decks if we can slow their plans. We naturally have a favoured MU against control decks due to a lot of our disruptive creatures being able to be flashed in on their endstep or upkeep and mess with their regular turn sequencing.

Our big weaknesses are highly aggressive decks and burn, Eldrazi decks are difficult to deal with and any deck with Cavern is tough preboard. Our hardest MUs are GY strategies like Dredge, preboard it's an almost unwinnable game.

Our sideboard is key in our difficult MUs and the deck can take a transformative approach and move into either full control or full tempo to catch the opponent off guard.

One of the major benefits to playing Faeries is that our threats are answers and our answers are threats; all at instant speed. This gives you freedom of when to play spells and what to play, as you have more information than your opponent you can make more optimal plays than they can and slowly gain advantage over the course of the game. Because of this freedom of choice in how to pilot the deck, it allows each pilot to customise the deck to their preferred style. Discard, removal, counters, planeswalkers, cantrips and even land packages are all interchangeable and allow your deck to reflect your playstyle.

Faeries certainly isn't Tier 1 but it's an incredibly fun and rewarding deck. That said, the printing of new powerful cards and the unbanning of some older ones are always giving the deck new tools to work with to improve itself.


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