Hello everyone! This is a deck centered around the generation of a massive army of 2/2 Zombie tokens, while using control to suppress the opponent while I set up my field. The central mechanic of the deck is not only to generate my Zombie tokens, but also to send as many of my opponent's creatures into the graveyard as I possible can while exiling those creatures from their graveyard to generate more Zombies. I also threw in some Lord effects in the form of Cemetery Reaper, Death Baron and Diregraf Captain to boost my tokens. Here I will go over the individual cards and explain their significance to the deck.

Death Baron: This creature serves me in two ways. I can use it for the Lord effect, giving almost all of my creatures a static +1/+1 boost, but the Deathtouch also insures that my Zombies will break through my enemy's creatures (ya know, by killing them). This ensures that I can get as many Zombies through and deal as much damage as I possibly can.

Diregraf Captain: The Lord effect here is the main reason that I have this creature as a 4-of, but it also serves another purpose. Should one of my Zombies die, the opponent will be punished by life loss. If I have more than one of these on the field, then that punishment can cause up to four life lost for the opponent from the death of just one zombie. This is an ideal way to keep the opponent in check, as they must choose whether to risk killing my Zombies or find another way to incapacitate them should they not want to take a large amount of damage from my attacks.

Grave Titan: I love this creature. Just being a 6/6 with Deathtouch is enough to have a spot in this deck, but it also generates a large amount of Zombie tokens! This is certainly a creature worth attacking with every turn.

Lord of the Accursed: An excellent Lord that offers a cheap, activated Menace effect. It's bad enough that I will have an army of tokens, but if they have to be blocked be two or more creatures then that allows more offense capability and also allows more tokens to get through my enemy's creatures (if there are any, that is).

Duress: I originally had Despise in this deck, but I realized that I already have enough creature removal as it is, so I decided to use these instead to remove other threats before they can hit the board. And for just ! This card also gives me the chance to look into the opponent's hand so I can prepare accordingly for what they might throw at me.

From Under the Floorboards: I don't expect to be able to make use of the Madness ability all too often, but 3 Zombie tokens and 3 life for 5 CMC is pretty great.

Rise from the Tides: This deck has a total of 25 sorceries and instants. This card gives me the perfect opportunity to take the instants/sorceries that I have already played, and use them to create a huge amount of Zombie tokens! The is pretty costly, but by the time I will be able to play this sorcery I will hopefully have used a good amount of my instants/sorceries which to me justifies the cost of the card. Not a card I would want more than 2 of due to the cost, but invaluable for the deck.

Shamble Back: What better way to make a Zombie token than to remove an opponent's creature from the game? This is perfect! At only , this is a great way to generate Zombie tokens throughout the game, and the 2 life gain is a helpful and much welcomed boost.

Compelling Deterrence: Sending a permanent back to an opponent's hand always feels really good. Always. But if I have a Zombie, then they have to discard a card after bringing one back to their hand. For , this is delicious! Fortunately, since this deck centers around GENERATING ZOMBIES, I imagine that there will be seldom few times that I will not be able to force a discard with this card.

Go for the Throat: This is a deck that requires the opponent's creatures to be, well, dead. Since Artifact Creatures are not something that one sees every day, this card is a safe, mana-cheap option for creature removal.

Rune Snag: There are a million or so counter spells out there, and picking the one that works for a deck can be rather difficult. I like this card because of it's cheap mana cost, but also because the card forces a choice upon the opponent: Lose your card, or pay an assload of mana. The scaling mana cost on the ability allows this card to scale throughout the game. Now of course one may be asking: Why have a counter spell in the first place? I like to be able to protect my permanents, and since I am running a large number of tokens I should expect that someone will either want to use creature removal to dispose of my creatures OR they may want to counter my instants/sorceries to prevent my token generation. Having a set of counter spells is a means of protecting myself from this.

Soul Manipulation: A card that fits well into this deck due to the variety it brings. I can counter a creature spell, and/or bring back one of my non-token creatures should it have been destroyed/discarded. Perfect in a deck like this.

Endless Ranks of the Dead: Once I have Zombie tokens on the field, I will of course want to multiply them! This enchantment does exactly that. This is not something that I will want four of, but two is too few as I may not pull one during a game. Three is the perfect amount, as it brings a good chance of me pulling one or two AND the sheer amount of Zombie tokens that I will generate from these cards alone is enough to cry tears of joy.

So that is the deck. Tests of this deck have had me with around 30 Zombie tokens by about turn 10. In one mock test on this site I had over 600 5/5 Zombie tokens with Deathtouch by turn 17. With the Lord effects, the control, and the swarm of Zombies at my disposal, this is a powerful deck.

If you like this deck, please give it an upvote and if you're up for it, feel free to take a look at my other decks:

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