"We are no longer in control."

-Elekh, vizier of embalming

Alt textThe Scarab God not included

Our prayers have been answered at last!

I may have previously attempted to utilize the meager smattering of zombies thrown our way to raise an undead horde, only to be crushed by nasty, nasty decks. Now is not that time, and the zombaes have gotten a nasty upgrade.

The time has come for zombies to save the meta. Now go raise some ghouls, stitch together some skaabs, and get ready to bring back non- decks to the format!

UPDATE: The God-Pharaoh blesses us with the curse of wandering once more!

With the release of Amonkhet and Hour of Devastation, zombies have been bolstered... as you all know by now. The unfortunate part comes when all our powerhouse cards leave in a few months. Hopefully the deck can survive rotation competitively, and I'm looking towards you for suggestions and lists when that happens. My list includes several zombies not seen competitively at the moment, but the inclusion of white throws the deck in such a good direction that one has to lurch towards it!


  • Second color grants permanent removal in the form of Settle the Wreckage and Slaughter the Strong
  • White has some strong sweepers right now
  • Our white colored zombies come with a bevvy of tricks and treats

    Binding Mummy: Ability to push past board stalls and nasty blockers

    Wayward Servant: Anyone who's died to one (or four) of these bad boys knows they're the reason to splash


  • Second color
  • Concealed Courtyard has the potential to come in tapped, slowing our inevitable march down a bit, while Unclaimed Territory cannot generate colored mana for non-zombie cards.
  • The deck is a little light on removal since we are focusing on pumping out mummies now
  • I think that's it!

Any questions, comments, or suggestions are greatly appreciated. As always, happy tapping out!


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