My take on Shattergang Brothers that is in actuality a superfriends deck with a minor legendary subtheme thanks to the fact that all planeswalkers were errated to be legendary so this deck can do some incredibly silly things with a combination of wombo combo cards like Honor-Worn Shaku (which is a god damn homerun in a superfriends deck) plus Oath of Nissa and Reki, History of Kamigawa lets us draw tons of cards and immediately play and activate more and more planeswalkers as the game goes on. With help from that big burst of mana we can usually dump our hand of planeswalkers or cast big bois like Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre

One crucial missing card for that particular interaction in this deck is Paradox Engine , but I will likely end up putting one in as the potential for drawing cards is expontential with things like Null Profusion .

The deck can definitely be a bit durdly at times but the key is to secure a boardstate as quickly as possible to take advantage of removal abilities on our planeswalkers or creating tokens that can be sacrificed to Shattergang Bros' edict ability.


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