Fun but competitive elf deck that aims to take everyone's lands with Gilt-Leaf Archdruid. While it started as a fun deck it has been winning consistently on turn 2-3; 6 tops. Most of the elves are druids so the goal is to have 6 out and fetch for a G-LA. Make sure to have Quest for Renewal out beforehand or Seedborn Muse to take everyone's lands on their upkeep.

Alt win con is Craterhoof or Triumph. Joraga Warcaller + Immaculate Magistrate is good synergy in addition to Ezuri + mana pump.

Try to have a lot of elves out and use your draw engine to keep it going. Paradox Engine unanswered is almost always a win, as well as a heavy mana Gen Wave.

Other mono-green Eldrazi deck: Eldrazi, Lost but Found


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This deck started off from random rares in my binder and after a few gems being added it is top notch. Very fun deck and people don't expect you to take all their lands. Alt win cons through Triump, Crater, or Ezuri are just for back up. I don't plan on changing this much but will keep an eye on future elves.



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