Twiddle Storm (Arcane Storm)

Great budget deck if you ignore my sideboard. That being said...

I could use some help with the sideboard. I want to add 2 Crackling Drake (Or Empty the Warrens ). The logic behind it is most people would side out at least some of their creature removal for various hate cards ( Rest in Peace , Blood Moon and so on). The purpose of Crackling Drake is to outright circumvent graveyard hate and punish the opponent for siding out removal.

I'll break down what I currently have in the sideboard and why they were selected.

While being an insanely cheap deck at its core ($170ish TCG Player mid as of 10/12/19) there are honestly too many threats to the game plan. The deck is inherently weak to common disruption, graveyard hate, and some Tron hate. It's evident that its impossible to cover everything in the board (And consequently very annoying to play online).

However, if you enjoy a meme that will inevitably infuriate some people. This deck is perfect for you.

Under Construction - Fuck Teferi.

Note: I currently have nothing for dealing with graveyard hate. Currently testing Empty the Warrens & Ad Nauseam to deal with this instead of Nature's Claim . The problem with Nature's Claim is if you have to use more than one its difficult to storm to 25+.

Under Construction
I do not take credit for this idea. I found this list on MTG Top 8

Some changes I made to the main board from the above deck list:

-2 Tolaria West - Was always dead when I used it. It was primarily used to fetch Lotus Field & Lonely Sandbar .

-2 Lonely Sandbar

+4 Vizier of Tumbling Sands - For maximum Disrupting Shoal potential.

ALSO if you do some digging on TappedOut you can find UR Twiddle Storm lists that are a couple months old, however the few I saw did a great job explaining how Twiddle works.

If you have any questions on how or why Twiddle works, just ask and I'll do my best to explain it. If you have better options for me to consider I would love to hear them!

(Simple to understand, difficult to pilot)

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