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Twiddle Storm (Arcane Storm)

Modern Competitive RUG (Temur) Storm Theme/Gimmick



Twiddle Storm (Arcane Storm) - The Budget Storm

Abuse the fact that Lotus Field nets positive mana by using an untapping effect such as Dream's Grip. Couple this with the unique card advantage provided by splicing Psychic Puppetry onto Arcane spells and you have a draw engine.
While being an insanely cheap deck at its core there are honestly too many threats to the game plan. The deck is inherently weak to common disruption, graveyard hate, and some Tron hate. It's evident that its impossible to cover everything in the board (And consequently very annoying to play online).

However, if you enjoy a meme that will inevitably infuriate some people. This deck is perfect for you.

There are no good match ups. In all seriousness there isn't much to state besides the obvious. Twiddle can prey upon any fair decks left in your meta but folds incredibly hard to control (or anyone with a counter spell that knows what the deck is up to).
I do not take credit for this idea. I found this list on MTG Top 8


Underworld Breach is pretty fun in Arcane Storm. It's easier to activate, and applies to all the cards in your graveyard, opposed to only the cards in the graveyard upon a Past in Flames activation (as well as requiring a card less to combo off but I wont bore anyone with the maths). Thought Scour, while initially considered, it becomes overkill because the combo naturally fills the graveyard anyway. The trick is to cast as many Ideas Unbound in a turn as possible. Suffice to say, if you can cast it more than 6 times in the turn you will win.

Fun fact: It's not very likely... but with just Underworld Breach & a Lotus Field in play, Tome Scour + Reach Through Mists + Psychic Puppetry can go through the entire deck in one turn.


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Nothing really to update since there is no option to play besides MTGO which I cannot afford atm. Just letting you know the list is still current despite a couple months of silence. Be smart and stay safe everyone, and if you have any questions I'll do my best to answer.

Yes, it's still a meme.


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