Trying to make a Garna, the Bloodflame and Omniscience combo deck.

The idea is to flash in Garna, the Bloodflame at the end of an opponent's turn. Then on your turn, play Omniscience and another Garna, the Bloodflame. When the second Garna comes in, it'll go to the graveyard per the legend rule, and it's triggered ability will return itself to your hand:

Which creature cards to return to your hand is determined as Garna’s triggered ability resolves. If Garna somehow finds its way into your graveyard before that, perhaps due to the “legend rule,” it will be returned to your hand.

At that point, you can cast an infinite number of Garna's, returning whatever other creatures to your hand as well. Some that I'm considering are Fanatical Firebrand (infinite damage), Catalyst Elemental (infinite mana), Plaguecrafter ("infinite" removal and discard).

Catalyst Elemental, Spell Swindle and Gilded Lotus are there to get to 10 mana for Omniscience, but the fastest way is probably Garna, the Bloodflame at the end of their turn, Etali, Primal Storm on yours, and hope Omniscience is on the top. But right now the only card that stacks the top of your library is Omenspeaker.

Molderhulk is also there for some aggression and ramp, but I'm still on the fence (he can also get back Memorial to Folly, Memorial to Unity and Evolving Wilds).

This deck is definitely still in progress, but I'd love some suggestions on what to cut/add.

I might just make this some kind of Grixis + Green aggro, with Molderhulk and Captain Lannery Storm ramping me into a singleton Omniscience for the heck of it.


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