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In depth primer in the works, sorry for the inconvenience.

This deck isn't here to make friends or play 'fun' magic it is built to win in a tournament atmosphere that means low CMC and max value from every spell. This deck is tier 1, a multiple tournament champion that is streamlined and fine tuned. That being said there is always room for improvement. All questions, comments, suggestions, and upvotes are appreciated and welcome. This is a combo based token / counters deck. It aims to use creatures, enchantments, and artifacts interacting with each other to produce infinite style win conditions.

After hours of a still silence so absolute even the smallest creatures of this great and vast forest dare not disturb something so true, she rose, silently and with purpose she stood like a pillar amongst the great trees that had made this place their home millenia ago. After an amount of time nearly unmeasurable that she had maintained a death like trace she stood, the Sacred Anima, her milky soft eyes blind to all but the will of the gods. She gazed past us into the trees seeing that which we could not. Only she could convey their will to us and ours to them. She exists as a sacred conduit between our two worlds, the translator between two beings so different that our coexistence would be impossible without her. We, the loyal servants of her and the gods she commands, stood in awe observing her ritual as she communicated silently with the great beings beyond our camp and into the unknown. And then a single, almost silent word. "Marath," she whispered and brought forth the ancient god and all his glory. A great and glorious being whose very will shaped this world. We all gazed upon the being whom allowed us to exist. Soon she would tell us the will of the gods and we would once again gain purpose in this world. - Nayan Tribeswoman, Servant of the Anima


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