this deck tries to make creatures as fat as possible with +1+1 counters which in turn protect planewalkers that are trying to ultimate (doubling season,deepglow skate, pir imaginary friend), or are simply there as a value engine . the deck is capable of winning with just "+1+1 counters" based strategies like increasing the amount of +1+1 counters on creatures and protecting them with fog or hexproof (shalai, spike weaver, elspeth knight errant, maze of ith, lightning greaves,odric lunarch marshal,...). the deck runs alot of card draw and tutors for consistency (consecrated sphinx,liliana vess, kiora the crushing wave, braingeyser, hydroid krasis, tezzerets gambit, rhystic study, sylvan library, etc...).

combo: here, card draw and tutors come in handy. rings of brightearth+ basalt monolith (infinite mana) + walking ballista(infinite mana+ damage). you can combo off and win with just RINGS+MONOLITH + BRAINGEYSER- draw a whole deck and search for walking ballista or draw someone else out. RINGS+ MONOLITH + HYDROID KRASIS (simular way as with braingeyser). RINGS + MONOLITH + DOUBLING SEASON + SPIKE WEAVER (infinite amount of +1+1 counters on all/any creatures). any PLANEWALKER+ doubling season/deepglow skate (more in strategy section*).

strategy: very simple

ramp, play atraxa, play creatures, proliferate everything, play planewalkers (never play PW's before atraxa is out unless you have the doubling season/skate combo)

tips: protect board, attack with atraxa for lifelink and damage (abuse her vigilance).

WIN with either combat damage, planewalker+doubling season/skate combo * (tamiyo, elspeth, liliana dreadhorde, liliana vess, ugin, teferi* ), or basalt+rings+ballista combo or all/most of these strategies at the same time.


cultivate > 1 x plains/arcane signet (when it comes)

kodama's reach > golgari signet


Swords to Plowshares> assassins trophy

Altered Ego > teferi, hero of dominaria

Scavenging Ooze> Mikaeus the Lunarch


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