so the aim of this deck is to abuse your ninja powers and drain the board out!

ive included lots of high CMC cards that have reductions or alternate costs so we can maximise damage and not lose tempo.


MVP cards so far: Scroll Rack,Lim-Dul's Vault,Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive

Im going to list a few lands and mainly mana rocks here but most cards are self explanatory in this section.

Volrath's Stronghold: great card to stack the top after losing cards to mill or discard or just death(slamming Emrakul, the Promised End back on top feels real good).

Mox Amber: one of the few commanders than can reliably get mana from this.

i feel the other lands and one drops speak for themselves.

Brainstorm: Best 1 shot to rig the deck once you draw you big stuff.

Chain of Vapor: Cheap bounce which you dont mind being used back on yourself if it denies resources.

Hope of Ghirapur: Cheap colourless flier for turn 2 ninjutsu, activated ability may eventually come in handy and can also be used with Whirler Rogue

Mausoleum Wanderer: Cheap, hard to block and counter magic. nuff said.

Mothdust Changeling: Its a ninja! and can fly! perfect

Mystical Tutor: tutors like this and Vampiric Tutor can be cast on trigger to stack the deck and grab something to deal huge damage or set yourself up.

Sensei's Divining Top: As much as this card annoy people its absolutely necessary for this deck and its clear to see its application.

Siren Stormtamer: Just like Mausoleum Wanderer above.

Slither Blade: First truly unblockable creature, being a rogue can help if prowl is added and 2 toughness is a plus

Sol Ring: yeah...obviously.

Spell Pierce: Like cheap creatures cheap counter magic is very useful in here for protection.

Swan Song: Like above but the 2/2 flier shouldn't hurt us as much as the guaranteed counter it provides does.

Tormented Soul: Unblockable for black so give mana options at the start.

Trickery Charm: This card is full of flavor and every mode is great for us, again no need to explain in depth.

Triton Shorestalker: See above unblockables.

Vampiric Tutor: just like Mystical Tutor but better!, searches emrakul mostly if game is going well if not it grabs a card to stack the deck ETC.

1x Arcane Adaptation 1x Spellseeker 1x Toxic Deluge 1x Trinket Mage 1x True-Name Nemesis 1x Walker of Secret Ways 1x Windfall
Rags: 11 cmc sort of board wipe, vary rarely used but is useful if needed.Have never cast riches but if i ever needed to its either gone wrong or im trying to resource deny.

Temporal Trespass: extra turns mean extra value and with all the cards we use and discard playing this for just is easy

Emrakul, the Promised End: High cmc and if needed a huge beater (have closed games out with her on board).


Updates Add

The deck has undergone lots of changes and most of them being remove more lands and add more high cmc cards.

this is working very well for me as simply sticking on a 2 land hand is normally enough to get the game going and on the games where you get a 0 cmc rock your really flying.

still debating JTMS and bitterblossom massively....also looking at cutting lands for fetches even urborg as black isnt a huge part of the deck and i may be helping others more than myself.


IN: Emrakul, temporal trespass etc


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