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Lord Windgrace Control (Worldgorger Season's Past)

Commander / EDH* BRG (Jund) Cruel Control Land Destruction Loam Stax



Hey, This is my take on Lord Windgrace.

The goal of the deck is to play the attrition game eventually (or quickly) winning with the following combo's

  1. Dance of the Dead + Worldgorger Dragon combo for infinite mana, finishing with Exsanguinate or make everyone loot infinite times during the combo with Geier Reach Sanitarium , Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre . The latter can be done at instant speed with Necromancy

  2. Squandered Resources + Splendid Reclamation + Seasons Past + Demonic Tutor , with enough lands, for infinite mana. Finish with Exsanguinate .

  3. A non-gamewinnig combo is Dakmor Salvage + The Gitrog Monster . When You have 8 of more cards in hand and you go to discard, you discard Dakmor Salvage. This will trigger Gitrog's ablility and you dredge Dakmor Salvage back to your hand, milling 2 cards, drawing a card of you hit a land. Because Dakmor Salvage returns to your hand you have 8 cards again and you will have to discard again, repeating the process. This will set up the perfect hand. Eventually...

The decks I usually play against are all semi cEDH:

If you have any suggestions or opinions, feel free to leave them in the comments


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