Who knew Ninjas and Faeries would make such powerful allies?

The concept is simple, use the low cost and evasion of Faeries so we can cast Ninjas with Ninjutsu. Faerie Seer , Faerie Miscreant , and Spellstutter Sprite all have fantastic enter-the-battlefield triggers, and when we combine that with Ninjas like Mistblade Shinobi and Moonblade Shinobi we not only have small evasive creatures that help us trigger Ninjutsu but we get to recast those faeries for more value.

Take Spellstutter Sprite for example. We can cast it to counter a spell, then use it to get a Moonblade Shinobi into play, dealing 3 damage and producing a 1/1 flying token, and then we'll have out Spellstutter Sprite ready to counter another spell.

Ninja of the New Moon is also a powerhouse, turning a small 1-power faerie into a surprise 6 damage straight to the face, as well as giving us our faerie back so we can recast it for value.

Dauthi Horror is a more reliable Ninjutsu enabler against decks with flyers, and Stormbound Geist can eat a removal spell and then be Ninjutsu-d and re-casted so it can be ready to soak up another.

Smoke Shroud allows us to give our Ninjas evasion after they are on the battlefield, so we can constantly re-trigger their abilities. A Mistblade Shinobi with a Smoke Shroud attached to it can be a real headache for the opponent, and Ninja of the New Moon is swinging for 7 power in the air!

For a complete deck tech and MTGO gameplay, check out the full playlist on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZX5Ly_QRoO23j8L9qUxVlBT5a60_k3_e


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