A very aggressive deck using only MONO RED ONE DROPS, aimed at doing maximum damage as fast as possible. This deck plays very fast, it's easy to do a ton of damage early in the game. With the amount of such powerful one drops, turn three wins are not too hard to pull off. Win or lose this deck is a blast to play!

If you get off to a smooth start there are multiple ways to do 20+ damage by turn three. Here are just a few examples.

Turn 1: Mountain+Vexing Devil

Turn 2: Mountain

Turn 3: Mountain+Brute Force+Titan's Strength+Assault Strobe then swing for 20 damage.

24 damage total

Turn 1: Mountain+Goblin Guide

Turn 2: Mountain+Goblin Guide

Turn 3: Mountain+Vexing Devil+Hammerhand+Assault Strobe then swing all three creatures for 14 damage.

20 damage total

Turn 1: Mountain+Monastery Swiftspear

Turn 2: Mountain+Thunderous Wrath

Turn 3: Mountain+Spark Elemental+Brute Force+Assault Strobe then swing both creatures for 15 damage.

23 damage total

Being that this is a MONO RED ONE DROP deck, removal cards are limited : / If you get off to a slow start these cards can be used for removal/control.

Lightning Bolt

Blazing Salvo

Thunderous Wrath


I went Blazing Salvo over Flame Slash because Blazing Salvo has such great synergy with Vexing Devil. Making your opponent choose to potentially take 36 damage is pretty cool.


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