Welcome ya filthy animal. This is deck is meant for trash people, thus the reason I made it :) If you like goblins, we have plenty. With the kind of Jank in this deck your opponent is sure to concede by turn 3... Just remember one rule, there is never enough goblins.

I like to tutor for Goblin Warchief which allows me to prepare for mass Krenko duplication. This can be achieved in a total of 3 turns, so you have some time to get land and some kill cards such as Gempalm Incinerator or Goblin War Strike. It helps to have some sort of artifact on the field to help with pushing out as many goblins as possible such as Sol Ring.

Need some Goblins/Mana? While Krenko, Mob Boss has Thornbite Staff equipped and Phyrexian Altar in play, use Krenko's ability and with the goblins created, sacrifice one to Phyrexian Altar. This will be an active infinite, which doubles goblins every time triggered, quadrupled if Illusionist's Bracers are also equipped...

Need some Cards? While you have the infinite above running you can use Skullclamp on a goblin. (1/1 Goblin; If none available use a sacrifice ability to remove a card that gives counters) As this resolves the goblin dies and draws you a card.

When using the kill fling cards be sure to watch out for a counter, so always attack with all the goblins and use Throne of the God-Pharaoh to be sure your damage gets through even with a counter. (That's three different ways to kill your opponent in one attack)



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