The is VANNIFAR POD, the next Birthing Pod deck for us cool kids. A mix of a great infinite combo, and a deck that can certainly compete in the late game. This is the next TIER 1 MODERN DECK. Try it on MTGO, then see if you don't believe me.

If you've ever wanted to play a fun, reasonably clocked, combo deck this is it. It's also for you folks who want a midrange deck with a twist. I've had games where it goes long and my Restoration Angel adds value beyond belief, and I've had games where I win turn 4 right on schedule. Of course, this a deck centered around the Prime Speaker Herself, Prime Speaker Vannifar . She is of course, a birthing pod but a creature(without the life loss). So because of her being a creature you have to be careful, there is a bunch of removal and you can't combo in response to a Path to Exile , or a revolt triggered Fatal Push . Because of this you must be wary of your opponent, and what they might have. This is an early version, eventually this deck will be 4 color control, but until then all I can do is playtest.
Prime Speaker Vannifar : The combo piece, Prime Speaker is your engine, you'll be able to smack down creatures faster than your opponent can say, "Hey wait a minute is that a birthing pod? That should be banned, no fair!"

Birds of Paradise : Mana fixing and ramp

Chord of Calling : Creature tutoring when we need a certain creature for a certain moment

Deciever Exarch: A combo piece

Deputy of Detention : Removal, value, and a good blocker

Eldritch Evolution : More creature tutoring for when in need

Eternal Witness : Get back what you need

Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker : Combo piece

Kitchen Finks : Life gain and extreme value, just pop off this guy a couple times with Restoration Angel after he's already died once an BLAMO your opponent might not be to happy. Of course there are other better things to blink but who cares, blinking Kitchen Finks feels so great

Knight of Autumn : Value, offers beatdown, removal, and lifegain. All in all, not a bad package

Noble Hierarch : Mana fixing, ramp, and a little bit of beatdown

Path to Exile : For those pesky creatures you need out of the way(probably going to come out but it's in here for now because it's a good card)

Renegade Rallier : Value, plus a combo piece

Restoration Angel : Value, plus a combo piece(Whoa! That's two cards!)

Scavenging Ooze : Because he's an awesome card and we all need threats right?

Scryb Ranger : Just a combo piece, pretty worthless otherwise really

Selfless Spirit : Protection

Spellskite : Protection, also super annoying a lot of the time

Thalia, Guardian of Thraben : Annoying card, really fun, doesn't super hurt us most of the time

Voice of Resurgence : Value, a big threat for control

Wall of Roots : Ramp, and a 2 drop which helps for all our 3 drops

...And then the lands, which don't matter, they just help us cast spells

-Cast Prime Speaker Vannifar (wait a turn)

-Sacrifice a 1 cmc creature for Scryb Ranger , or tutor for her, or cast her, just get her out

-Return a forest to your hand with Rangers ability, untap Vannifar

-Sacrifice the Scryb, go get a Renegade Rallier , revolt triggers

-Target Scryb Ranger in your graveyard, return her to the battlefield

-Activate her ability again and target Prime Speaker

-Untap Prime Speaker, then activate her again targeting Scryb Ranger again

-Go get Deciever Exarch from your library, choose untap a permanent you control and target Vannifar

-Then sacrifice the Renegade Rallier and go get a Restoration Angel

-Blink Exarch and target Vannifar with his untap ability again

-Then go get Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker , tap him and target Deciever, target Kiki with Deciever, and make infinite Decievers! TA DA!


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